logo Web Oriented Object Framework

A Web framework for lazy dogs! Woof! is an open-source, platform and server-independent web application framework. It is intended to be simple to understand and customize, easy to install and deploy, and embeddable into other applications.

  • Platform and web server agnostic

  • Templates with configurable layouts, inheritance and pluggable engines

  • Support for responsive web design

  • Skinnable with Pure CSS skin builder

  • Web support libraries for controls, session and cookie handling etc.

  • Flexible routing with URL generation

  • Localization support with inheritance

  • Built-in web server, scaffolding tool, documentation generator, interactive debugging console and more

  • Comprehensive documentation (well, getting there): User Guide v0.5, Reference Manual v0.5

Ruff! - Runtime Function Formatter

Ruff! is a documentation generation system for Tcl that uses source code introspection in conjunction with comment analysis to generate programming reference manuals. Although part of Woof!, it can be used independently.

In comparison with source code based documentation generators, Ruff! produces documentation that not only requires less effort from the programmer, but is also more complete, more accurate and more maintainable.

Source Code and Downloads

Source code and downloads for both packages are available from http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/woof.